Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Response to Pat Condell's Rant on "Ground Zero" Mosque

I have been a fan of Pat Condell's you tube clips for quite a while. I do like his unapologetic delivery and sharp wit, but when I saw his recent clip on the "Ground Zero Mosque" [Community Center] I was pretty disappointed in his logic and I thought he overstepped on this one.

While am personally disappointed anytime I see a church, a mosque or any other building erected for faithful followers to worship an invisible friend in the sky, I do recognize their right to do so as one of the founding principles of America in the first amendment. It is their right to the freedom of religion as well as my right to the freedom from religion.

Anyway, I thought this person made a great response to Pat Condell's rant on the subject. I'm still a fan of Pat, but he is not exempt from criticism when criticism is due.

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