Friday, November 26, 2010

Current: Blue Rectangles on Green

I think I am calling this piece done. It is a small piece, but these oil enamel paintings are usually about six months in the making.

I have only used a single color of blue in this painting. It has about eight layers of blue oil enamel on it and there are five layers of clear polyurethane between each layer of oil enamel, which is slightly yellow in tone and is what turns the successive layers of blue oil enamel green. So in total, there are about forty layers of polyurethane on the painting, which floats the top layers of blue about 1/8" inch above the surface of the panel. 
Current: Blue Rectangles on Green     2010
Ink, Oil Enamel, Polyurethane on Panel
8" x 12"


Edward Stafford said...

Goddamn Paul Booker, that's beautiful.

Paul Booker said...

Thanks Ed, I've got another from the same series that I think I will put up tonight.