Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Improvisations With Marc Ribot, Evan Parker and Han Bennink (June 2009)

This is a pretty funny clip of three of the great contemporary jazz players. Evan Parker on sax, Han Bennink of Clusone Trio fame on uhmm drums?, and Marc Ribot on guitar (if  you are at all familiar with Tom Waits, Marc Ribot is the studio guitarist on all of his work since the mid-1980's)

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Edward Stafford said...

I have a secret to tell which I'm afraid is going to require me to turn in all my hard-earned Jazz Nazi badges. I'll whisper it.

*I can't listen to stuff like this anymore.*

It's one thing to see it live and a guaran-fucking-tee you Han Bennink made this show 10 times more awesome that it would have been otherwise. But honestly, I can't imagine buying a CD of this tired-ass shit anymore. I know, it's heresy. But I've heard enough.

Would I go see it? Probably so. Especially if Han's involved. I dig Marc Ribot and it's curious to hear EvanParker on tenor. But I wouldn't buy the CD.

I'll go polish my hardcore skronk-improv badge and see what I can get for it on eBay.