Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bible Unearthed (2005)

This video is a four-part television series which looks at the old testament of the bible from an entirely historical and archeological point of view. As opposed to the early 20th century biblical archeologists who looked to archeology in order to prove the supernatural myths of the bible, current scholars are using archeology to reconstruct the history of what actually happened and then compare those facts to the stories of the bible, and then are able to separate the portions of the bible that are historic re-tellings of actual real-world events from the portions that are pure myth.

The Bible Unearthed (2005) from Rebel News on Vimeo.
The Bible is both a religious and historical work, but how much is myth and how much is history? When and why was the Old Testament written, and by whom? What do contemporary archaeologists know about the Patriarchs? The Exodus? The Conquest of Canaan? Kings David and Solomon? Where do the people of Israel originally come from? Why were the historical accounts of the Bible written down?

A masterful archaeological and biblical investigation, THE BIBLE UNEARTHED visits digs in Egypt, Jordan and Israel-- including Megiddo, the cradle of biblical archaeology, where 7,000 years of history have been excavated. This far-ranging exploration of biblical history also makes use of archival footage of previous archaeological excavations, maps, biblical illustrations and computer animation, revealing ancient architecture, cuneiform tablets and other rare artifacts.

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, this enthralling documentary features interviews with archaeological specialists and biblical scholars from all over the world, including experts from the Louvre, the Museum of Cairo, the Museum of Jerusalem, and the British Museum. THE BIBLE UNEARTHED does something which has never been done before: it reveals a still-unraveling revolution of what we know of the society, the history, and the men who wrote the Bible.

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