Saturday, February 18, 2012

Covers, Oddities and Separated at Birth: The Jesus Lizard conjures the spirit of Miles Davis

I might file this one under the ​Separated at Birth​ category... Because when The Jesus Lizard wrote Then Comes Dudley, they were certainly not out to write a cover song of a Miles Davis tune, but nevertheless, the similarity in the melody is unmistakable. Here is the Miles Davis song, ​Great Expectations, from the Bitches Brew sessions: And then here is The Jesus Lizard song, ​Then Comes Dudley. Stealing melodies has a long and generous tradition in the history of music... It is through theft and theft alone that we actually have melodies handed down to us from historical periods which would have otherwise been completely lost... It is only in the last forty years or so that record companies have begun thinking of these melodies as "property" which can be prosecuted if stolen. Much like Darwinian evolution, melody theft is literally how music evolves...

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