Friday, May 10, 2013

Swans "Coward"- Live 2012

I've seen the Swans play three times and it looks like they finally played their signature song, "Coward" on this past tour, which I regret to say, I didn't go when they came to Dallas (in the past they have always been particularly shitty about never playing that song live). I'm an asshole and I've been kicking myself since that night when I made the conscious decision to stay home. I would've had to drive 45 minutes into Dallas, go to the show alone and then get up the next morning and teach an early morning class... Blah, blah... But the older you get, the easier it is to talk yourself out of having to go to a club with a bunch of drunken testosterone fueled assholes in the audience late at night to see a band play... I'm not even sure they played "Coward" here in Dallas, but according to youtube there were quite a few stops along the tour where they did play it, so chances are that they did... Kicking myself in the ass...

This is a very percussion-heavy song, so here is another version filmed in Copenhagen which shows a better view of the interplay between the two drummers.

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