Monday, March 8, 2010

Daniel Dennett- Consciousness Explained

I've been reading Daniel Dennett's groundbreaking book from 1992 called Consciousness Explained. It has been a fairly dense read for someone like myself with an art background, but Dennett does go to great pains to make it very accessible for non-scientists. I was happy so see this short You Tube clip on a few of the subjects addressed in the book.

Dennett describes the fragmentary nature or consciousness -- the modularity of our brains manifests as attention to aspects of input and process. Other videos of Dennett discussing consciousness: ...  

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Thoughts said...

I read the book a few years back. Most annoyingly Dennett would not confess anywhere that he is an old fashioned natural dualist although in his more recent works such as "Where am I?" he almost confesses - see Dennettian Dualism .

Don't be taken in by Dennett's friendly grin!