Sunday, March 28, 2010

You can't have my kitten

I found this kitten last Thursday in the middle of my alley a few doors down from my house. It was completely wet and shivering and obviously starving. It looked like it had been wandering outside for quite a while. I took it back to my house and cleaned it up, gave it some water and it seemed to have scarfed down twice it's weight in food.

I took its picture and made a "Found Kitten" flyer and posted it all over the neighborhood... As of today (Sunday), I haven't heard anything from anyone... But since Thursday I have grown quite attached to this tiny little kitten. I've taken it to the Vet, I've set up its own little home space in the guest bathroom, but it seems to have set up its home space permanently on my shoulder. It loves my shoulder; whether it is while I am reading, doing artwork, at the computer or out in the yard. It wants to be on my shoulder.... So the asshole who was irresponsible enough to let this kitten wander into the alley and then not respond to my flyers can shove it up their ass... This is now MY cat.

My wife, Erin, revised my "Found Kitten" flyer today and I thought it was worth posting.

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