Saturday, May 29, 2010

Donald Judd's Personal Library

There is always something a little voyeuristic about looking through someone's personal library. You can tell a lot about the person just by the books they choose to own. I was interested to see that the minimalist sculptor, Donald Judd, whose own artwork is so exact and austere would have such a wide variety of interests in books.

The Donald Judd Foundation has meticulously photographed the artist's entire personal library, shelf-by-shelf exactly as he left it when he died in 1994. On the foundation's website you can peruse each of the shelves, and if you mouse-over the books, it gives you the title, author, publisher and date of  each and every book in the library.
Here is the link to the webpage.

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Paul Booker said...

Actually, when I visited Marfa in 1999, I saw that he had a huge collection of vinyl records... That was off-limits to the public... I would absolutely love for them to put his record collection up on the website. I am even more curious about that than his book collection.